Top 6 Premium Minimalistic Bootstrap themes of 2020​

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If you’re a web developer or an aspiring one, you may have well heard of Bootstrap.

If you don’t know what bootstrap is, let me tell you that bootstrap is a framework which helps us, users, to create responsive and beautiful websites.

Bootstrap themes, on the other hand, are packages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that contain prebuilt styling components so that you don’t have to do the hard part. That is, they are pre-built website templates for you to adapt and build upon.

And like previously said, to effectively utilize a Bootstrap theme, you should know how HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together. I’m sure you’d have no problem in rendering the theme itself.

Bootstrap themes integrate with a CMS such as WordPress very easily. You might even get away without touching code at all.

Below are some of the top sites that you can explore and buy premium and minimalistic Bootstrap themes from.

posh HTML template

1. Posh

I’m sure you’d have heard of this one. This is by far the best and one of the most kickass themes out there. Posh is undeniably unique, minimalistic and one of the most beautiful looking themes out there on the market. With 24/7 support available the users who’ve bought this theme couldn’t have been more satisfied. Check out this theme on themewagon and read about the “totally worth it reviews”. What’s more? Posh can be yours for a mere 69 USD!

elementy html template

2. Elementy

Elementy, no wonder goes on top of the list. The theme is easy to use, gives plenty of features for the users to manipulate in order to beautify the site and on top of it is verified and checked by the Envato team. If you aren’t sure what Envato is then just know that they are the guys who taught almost 70% of the web devs out there – how to code a website.
Elementy is available for cheap and is 100% responsive with any device that your user might be using.
Below is the link of the Envato market where you can search for Elementy and other kickass themes.

shape template HTML bootstrap

3. Shape

You’d have seen a new form of design culture being followed when it comes to the design of the latest websites. Notice how the colours are bright poppy and abstract. Also, there’s an unusually smooth transition animation that occurs whenever you scroll up or down a section. While searching the internet for these “trendy” themes, I came across Shape. 

I can surely vouch for the design but let me tell you that this is available for a dirt-cheap price and as for the design? Have a look at it yourself.

velonic boostrap template

4. Velonic

When it comes to dashboard, there’s no other option better than Velonic. If you are thinking of designing a sort of a CMS (Content management system) or a panel then Velonic is the theme to go for. As marketed by its developers, the theme just had a massive upgrade which includes a variety of additional styling, functionalities and what not.

I’d highly recommend you to go check this theme out if you’re in the market looking for one.

raven pro boostrap template

5. RavenPro

If you’re in the market for a professional-looking and a highly sophisticated bootstrap theme then look no more. There are variety of styles you can use in RavenPro that not only boosts your site to look more elegant in terms of design language but also helps you to change or modify the content with ease when the need be. And again, since it is powered by ThemeWagon you can rely on your purchase and the support you’ll get after buying this.


6. Feliciano

Feliciano is one of the best free bootstrap theme out there. Its got animations, beautiful transitions and it’s eye-catching. In the preview itself, you’ll get the feel of how wonderful and lovely your site will look. All for this for free!

However, there’s something you should know before you opt for this. The creator of this theme specifically says that it’s apt for websites which sell something – like a restaurant.

So yeah, if you belong to that niche this is the theme to go for!

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