Best Bluehost Alternatives for 2020 [Affordable Hosting]

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Hosting a website sometimes become a hassle and sometimes it becomes costly. If you don’t know where to actually look for a good web hosting company, you may end up paying for low quality servers. Bluehost alternatives (and even bluehost) are the most affordable web hosting solutions for a new webmaster. 

I am sure you’re already aware of the Bluehost. Still, I would like to lay down the specifications and pricing of bluehost web hosting packages so that we can better compare and contrast with the bluehost alternatives.

BlueHost Features

We already know that bluehost is highly popular and well-known in the industry. Bluehost not only offers shared web hosting but also VPS and cloud hosting packages that you can buy to kickstart your website today.


Advantages (Pros)

Limitations (Cons)

BlueHost Alternatives 2020

Below is a comprehensive list of the top bluehost competitors who provide cutting-edge hosting services and on the verge of offering the maximum discount to webmasters.


MilesWeb is the rising star when it comes to talk about affordable website hosting services for young entrepreneurs. Affordable website hosting is the need of the hour which MilesWeb understands very well. The pricing plans are cost-efficient and effective. 

The best part about MilesWeb is that you can start a risk free trial of the hosting package for 7 days. 

Advantages (Pros)

Limitations (Cons)


2 Bigrock

Bigrock is #1 on our list because of its cost-effective hosting services. The servers perform at their best when you know the best optimization tactics. Hosting starts from 1.59USD per month on Bigrock. 

Bigrock, on the other hand, is a very well-known name in the domain industry. 

Advantages (Pros)

Limitations (Cons)

3 Namecheap

Namecheap is the cheapest web hosting provider offering world-class services to the customers. If you ever thought to start with blogging and have a very tight budget to go ahead, Namecheap is the best way.

You can start your website on a shared hosting server and move it to a scalable server when it gets huge traffic. Namecheap is the best in the business of cost-effective hosting packages. Regular discount offers is a cherry on the cake.

Advantages (Pros)

Limitations (Cons)


4 Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the largest hosting provider that offers lucrative hosting plans. As far as I know, Hostinger is the first web hosting company to differentiate between a base shared hosting plan and a premium shared hosting plan. 

In case there is a special promo going on, you get to host a single website for less than a dollar (0.99USD) per month. Yes, that is pretty much nothing.


5 A2Hosting

Well-known for its turbo speed hosting servers, A2Hosting also has premium shared hosting packages where you don’t have to compromise with the speed while on a shared server. Good or bad neighborhood can however effect your website in other ways. It is always good to have a unique C-class IP to stay away from being counted in as a relative of an unknown shady website.


The need of the hour is to offer your website users a kind of experience that is memorable. You don’t have to impress your audience with your design/development skills only, priority that you give to promptness is also something that has a great impact on end-users. 

I recommend you to have a test server on all these bluehost alternatives, host a demo site on all of them and then decide which one is the best for your business. 

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