Beaver Builder Pricing Plans December 2021: Is The Beaver Builder Theme Worth It?

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User Interface


  • Drag and Drop
  • Ease of use
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Attractive web pages
  • Great customer support


  • A bit slow
  • Some features are missing

Verdict: Beaver Builder is a reliable drag and drop page builder. It provides everyone with an opportunity to create your themes by investing less time and money and giving your website a tinge of creativity. Beaver Builder is a plug-in that enhances your WordPress experience and sets you apart from the crowd.


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Bottom Line Upfront: Beaver Builder has a lot to offer when it comes to building a website from scratch and getting a pricing of such a platform is like a cherry on the cake.

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Beaver Builder Pricing 2021: How Much Does Beaver Builder Cost? 

About Beaver Builder

Whether you are a blogger, web designer, businessperson, while starting a website you must have heard the phrase- Use WordPress! Of course, WordPress is the most popular platform out there, for developing a website, as it is flexible, full of options, and great on aesthetics.

Simply put, Beaver Builder is a plug-in that enhances your WordPress experience and sets you apart from the crowd. 

It is understandably hard to paint out the vision for your website on a blank canvas, but with Beaver Builder’s exciting and unique features, you will surely be in good hands.

With this plugin, you are provided with a beautiful library of ready-to-use templates, which can be customized as per your liking.

Gone are your days of frantically searching the net on how to customize your WordPress Template, as Beaver Builder’s interface is effortless to use and easy to get a grasp on.

The plugin is not heavy on your computer and does not cause it to lag, which is a definite plus point. With just a few clicks, you can create a professional and unique website in no time!

Now, you can develop websites hassle-free. You can just select a few options with your mouse, then drop them onto your template. Sometimes even this small task is redundant as Beaver Builder Templates already have most of the elements you need.

And what if you are new to the intricate and complex world of web design and have not had the opportunity to try out Beaver Builder? 

Here is a summary of questions that will help you understand the contents of this blog better:

  • Why does Beaver Builder do?
  • What are the features of Beaver Builder?
  • What are the pros and cons of using it?
  • What is the pricing plan of Beaver Builder?
  • How do I apply the discount code along with its steps?

How can Beaver Builder Help you Out

Some of you might be thinking- why should I pay for Beaver Builder when I can just hire someone to do my work?

The answer is quite easy- by using Beaver Builder you will not only prevent a wallet crunch by saving money on hiring an expensive designer, but you will have the liberty to design your website as per your choice and liking. 

You will have full control! If you ever decide that your blog or website’s current style is not working out, or you just want to give it a fresh new look, you can customize your site yourself, without having to spend your valuable time looking for and coordinating with a new developer.

To use Beaver Builder, you do not require any coding knowledge, just your creativity and design vision. Are you ready to stand out of the herd, and be unique?

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Is Beaver Builder Right for you?

At the end of the day, the only person who can conclude that is you. But Beaver Builder is known to be the perfect fit for everyone.

It is said to be perfect for individuals without any coding abilities. Using the drag and drop facilities can easily help shape the output you desire.

It is also great for those with medium coding abilities as they can use some WordPress shortcodes to help boost the functionality of their website. A little bit of code can add some extra-lit features to your website.

It is quite well known for being an all-rounder as even big-scale industries and agencies can appreciate Beaver Builder. Since they already possess experienced technical teams you might think, why will they need this tool?

To save the time of course! With this tool, a lot of basic functionality can be taken care of, without the need to code for every element.

With their technical abilities and creative mindsets, they can make the basic design using Beaver Builder’s extensive tools and empower it by integrating code within it!

Beaver Builder Features


Let us have a look at the stimulating features to which Beaver Builder owes its popularity among web designers, developers, and newbies. The features vary, according to the plan you choose.

While the basic features available in the Lite/Free version are good enough to create a standard, good–looking website, the Pro version does have certain advantages, as you will see.

Easy to use Interface

No matter how advanced the digital age becomes, we still tend to find comfort in the movements of the manual world.

That is why the drag and drop feature of Beaver Builder makes its interface easy and fun to work with. With just these quick motions of your mouse, you can see your site taking shape right before you.

There are also different layouts of rows and columns provided, which help you organize and visualize the website easily.

Search Engine Optimization

To reach a greater number of customers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important feature to ensure a greater reach. Beaver Builder helps you in this regard, by using the best standards.

The plugin is also compatible with other third-party extensions such as those by WooCommerce so that you can make full use of the digital tools at hand.

Complete Customization with Modules

Beaver Builder is popular among users for its versatility. You are free to customize the smallest of elements on your website such as buttons, to the largest, such as animated backgrounds. The possible combinations for you to explore are endless!

Ready–to–use Templates

A feature available only in the Pro version, the ready–to–use templates can give you a head start or inspiration to design your website or blog. You can also save the templates that you are satisfied with, and use them later on.

Import/ Export Option

Isn’t it extremely frustrating when you create something beautiful but are not able to replicate it again? Well, not anymore, at least in terms of website design.

A feature available only in the Pro version, Beaver Builder lets you export and import your templates from one side to the other. You can give all your sites a signature look, with this feature.

Website Optimization and Translation

Most of us find browsing through the internet more convenient through our mobiles. A major disadvantage of quite a few websites is that they are not mobile-friendly and leave behind a frustrated customer instead.

Creating a mobile-friendly website seems like another task to pile onto your to-do list. Not anymore! With Beaver Builder, you can easily accomplish this tedious task.

To go the extra mile, Beaver Builder can also help you create a multilingual site, removing the language barrier. These features will help direct major traffic towards your site, across different linguistic bases, as well as through mobile traffic.

Multi-site Capability

Talking about signature looks, what do you do when you own multiple sites? The Beaver Builder plugin lets you manage all your sites efficiently, through a primary panel or multiple installs.

You can also explore the agency package if you own multiple sites, as it has features that cater specifically to multi–site capability.

Customer Support

Beaver Builder offers a great network of customer support. If you ever run into an obstacle while using the plugin, you will have a response to your query within 48 hours! Beaver builder’s team will leave you no reason to switch over to their competition!

How does a Beaver Builder Work?

Beaver work provides the best website maker Drag and drops a WordPress plugin. It is one of the best options to create and customize.

You get to put any kind of images or pictures to increase the longevity of your customers or a deal that interests the customers but also brings profit to you. You are allowed to even add any kind of expiration date, rules, and restriction, a barcode or scan code that can be used for redemption.

Beaver Builder Pricing

beaver builder discount coupon - pricing plans

This software is considered to be higher in price range as compared to its two main rival software that is Elementor And Divi Builder.

This might look like quite the problem but you were to use the features of Elementor Pro, you would naturally have to buy Beaver Builder. 

The biggest advantage of using the Beaver Builder is that it can be used on multiple sites irrespective of the package you have chosen to use the software in. The license option that is used here is either Standard or Pro. 

The main point for selling this is a Pro and that is if your client is looking to start from scratch and re-build an entire site from the ground up.

But if this is for the usage of a site that is already existing, the Standard plan is well and good.

Although they don’t provide the option of using a free trial, the Beaver Builder software does put up a very good demo that can be used by the client to check if the software is good enough and will therefore be able to cater to the needs of his website. 

The Standard Plan –

To reap the advantages of the Standard version and access to the basic features you have to pay  $99 per year. This is the lowest rate that Beaver Builder offers.

With this basic version, you get all the core features. You have no limit on the number of pages and products you add.

You have a wide range of choices for different templates in a well-organized template library. It comes with a built-in drag and drops template builder and provides an excellent support system for a complete year.

The Pro Plan –  

This is the most popular subscription among the clients of Beaver Builder. It empties only $199 per year from your pockets and wrenches out the best for your business.

You get all the Standard version features for unlimited sites. This version has proven to be most indigenous to the users for versatility. It comes with the unique feature of the Beaver Builder theme.

The Agency Plan

To get the best long-term benefits you can choose the advanced subscription at the price of $ 399 per year.

This does not have any new features or add-ons apart from white labeling. Though if you want to keep your work simple yet extensive you can certainly go for this.

In the long run, the sum of money invested is completely extracted through business profits.

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Pros and Cons of Beaver Builder


  • This software helps one create in a way that is both attractive and informative
  • It is also very easy to use which increases its perimeter from experts in the field of the computer to just about anyone. There is no requirement to know any computer codes or languages.
  • It provides full support for drag and drops and it also does front-end editing.
  • The typography which is through default is very pleasing to look at and it also very useful if you are not interested in adjusting the font and other basic changes on your own.
  • If you are a user of WordPress, its widgets can also be used in the content block of Beaver builder.
  • This software readily offers amazing page templates, therefore, making your landing pages and content pages quicker.
  • It also allows you to save the templates and use them later for other purposes.
  • The support options available here are completely reliable


  • The Beaver Builder software is expensive. But you can always use the Lite version which is free of cost.
  • Unlike most others, the Ctrl+Z/CMD+Z does not result in the undo action.
  • The Beaver Builder app cannot fix the drawbacks of your theme. If your theme cannot facilitate pages with full width, you will simply not be able to build a page in full width.
  • There is also not an option of adding custom CSS to content modules
  • The module library isn’t very vast.
  • The customization of the websites is limited.
  • The flexibility of the design on an overall basis is also very limited.
  • With every action, there is always a time lag for the page to load.

Beaver Builder Customer Reviews

Beaver Builder Testimonial Beaver Builder Customer Review User Review Beaver Builder review by User

Top 3 Beaver Builder Alternatives

1. Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress website builders. Instead of using the built-in editor, you use Divi — a drag and drop builder that allows for more creativity in your site’s design with ease. You can create beautiful blog posts, pages, and landing pages all from this easy-to-use interface!

Divi comes sold by Elegant Themes which sells an entire suite including its plugin as well as themes like Extra — so if you are looking for new ways to customize your site or need some help getting started on building yours then check out what they have available today!

Divi’s design packs are a great way to save time and quickly create your WordPress website.

For example, if you are just getting started with building websites on the Divi platform or run a web development agency that builds multiple sites for clients then these premade designs will come in especially handy!

You can copy settings from one element across an entire site so changes such as color edits show up automatically everywhere applied without any extra work required.

2. Elementor

The second Beaver Builder alternative we will cover, Elementor, is a close runner-up to Divi in terms of the features it offers. Like Divi, it offers a drag-and-drop website builder that you can use to build websites visually and see how they will turn out in real-time.

You can quickly make instant changes to existing pages; if you want to search for a certain page or element on your site without any hassle whatsoever by using its handy search bar too!

Not only does this web design tool offer users many different customization options with regards not just text formatting but also colors as well (which are both presented conveniently right next door), but there’s more–you’ll be able to produce beautiful designs at amazing speeds.

Elementor lets you create beautiful popups and header/footer bars with a variety of templates to collect email addresses, announce promotions or sales, notify visitors about new website updates, and more.

You can also use Elementor’s features for welcome mats, product upsell popups, exit-intent popups (useful when someone is on the verge of exiting your site), slide-in forms (steal that lead!), login form overlays so customers don’t have to type their username & password every time they visit your site!

Elementor helps make building websites easy by giving you all these readymade templates and tools.

3. Thrive Architect

With Thrive Themes, you can have your WordPress site up and running in just 3 minutes. In fact, all of their templates are designed to increase conversions so that every business owner gets the most bang for their buck!

You’ll also be able to use pre-written sales copy with a high converting landing page template if you want an easier way out than writing it yourself.

Thrive Themes is a cheaper and more accessible way to build your website than Beaver Builder. For only $19/month, you get access not just Thrive Architect but all of the themes from this company for an affordable monthly fee that will never exceed what you’d spend on one site with another builder like Beaver Builder.

Quick Links:

FAQs | Beaver Builder Pricing

💁 Is the Beaver Builder software considered a plugin or a theme?

It is considered both! The standard package only contains the plugin as page builder but the pro or the agency package includes both of these that is the plugin as well as the beaver builder theme.

🙆‍♀️ Is Beaver Builder software compatible with the X theme or Y plugin?

The builders of this software have worked tirelessly to ensure that this software becomes compatible with multiple plugins and themes but if you choose to test your Beaver Builder with the plugin stack, it is possible through WordPress.

🤷‍♀️ Can I make my own modules in Beaver Builder?

Yes! That is also an option. A plugin is available which is called the custom modules documentation and a boilerplate plugin available. It is possible to use a widget from WordPress on a Beaver Builder.

🙎‍♀️ How much does Beaver Builder cost?

The Beaver Builder Lite version is available for free while the Standard Plan starts at $99/year and the Pro plan costs $199/year. The Agency plan costs $399/year.

🙋‍♀️ What are the refund policies of Beaver Builder?

This is a feature that gives relief to those who are planning on testing out Beaver Builder. It may seem like a daunting venture to place that much on software but it is definitely worth it, and you think otherwise; after purchasing it. No worries, Beaver Builder offers you a refund if claimed within the first thirty days.

🤟 How does the Beaver Builder Booster plugin work?

As soon as you install the plugin, you can initiate it and the additional modules by actuating on the Beaver Builder dashboard. After you refresh the normal Beaver Builder Interface, you will be able to see all modules accessible on the sidebar of the page. The code of this plugin is designed in such a way that it is compatible with both the WordPress interface as well as Beaver Builder interface. This makes it possible for users to avail themselves of the modules of the add-on with ease.

Conclusion: Beaver Builder Pricing 2021

Yes, I am sure by now you have a pristine understanding of Beaver Builder and all of its components. But the main topic, being Beaver Builder Pricing. I am sure you were pleased to be informed that even further discounts can be availed from the already low price Beaver Builder platform.

This great tool does justice to its price and ensures that the best quality of each feature can be provided to its users. 

So it is time to kick-start yourselves and your business, it is time to trust in Beaver Builder, as we know it will not let you down.

Visit their Facebook, Twitter to get more information about Beaver Builder. You can also contact them in case of any queries.

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